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Word List Creator 7.0

Quickly create word lists from files and websites
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Word List Creator

Word List Creator is a simple tool with a very user-friendly interface. This application helps users to create lists of words present in any text. The user can insert some text into the special field in the program's window, and the program will detect how many different words there are in the text. The program arranges the words in alphabetical order and shows how often each word is used (the words can be arranged by their frequency as well, so that the first word in the list is the one that occurs more often).

Another function of the program is that the list of words can be created on the basis of a web page. You just need to switch to the corresponding layout and enter a URL address. The program can also create lists of words based on to the word ending, for example ‘ing’ or ‘ed’. This function is useful if you want to analyse some text's grammatical phenomena. With the help of this program you can even find regular expressions: you just enter the expression you would like to find and the program searches for that expression in the text. The trial version is limited to 15-day use, then you have to buy the full version of the product.

Damir Buzikov
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